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VIDEO – How working full-time locum tenens works for Dr. Paymon Kayhani

Hospitalist Dr. Paymon Kayhani has been working full-time locum tenens for many years. Unlike many locum tenens physicians he does all of his assignments close to his home in Massachusetts. We sat down with Dr. Kayhani to learn more about why he works locum tenens and how it helps his career. Read more

ZDoggMD – Burnout and depression solved with humor

Dr. Zubin Damania or ZDoggMD as he's better known uses medical parody videos as a way to entertain and educate and fight his own burnout in medicine. Read more

Survey report – Physician views on retirement

CompHealth wanted to learn more about physicians’ attitudes toward retirement — including their reasons for wanting to retire and motivators for wanting to stay active in the workforce, as well as their opinions on moving into another form of medical work upon retirement. Read more

Serving patients and her family through locum tenens

Dr. Gina Bell was looking for an option that would provide her with more flexibility of schedule and control of her life so she could focus more on her family. A friend recommended she try locum tenens and the rest is history. Read more

Locums lets Dr. Peter Kim spend more time with his family

After a 20 plus year career as an obstetrician Dr. Peter Kim saw a fellow a physician he had been in residency with succumb to cancer. It gave Kim an epiphany, after watching his friend work all the time and then be gone so quickly made Kim realize he wanted to spend more time with his wife and three small children. Read more

10 must-knows when considering part-time physician jobs

Looking for a part-time physician job? Use these 10 tips to identify ways you can start working less and enjoying life more. Read more

The 2017 Medscape Physician Compensation Report Analyzes Earnings and Satisfaction

More than 19,200 physicians in more than 27 specialties responded to this year’s Medscape compensation survey. Question topics ranged from overall physician incomes to the compensation gap between men and women. Read more

Seven States Now Offering Expedited Medical Licensure To Qualified Physicians (UPDATED)

On April 6, 2017 the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission began processing applications for expedited licensure in some states. This makes the process for obtaining a medical license in these states simpler if you already hold your primary license in one of the participating states. Read more

Negotiating Your First Physician Contract

Negotiating your first physician contract can be a daunting task. You have just finished years of training and are finally ready to move on from residency into full-fledged practice. Read more

From Impromptu Gifts to Sesame Chicken – CompHealth Employees Go Out of Their Way To Show They Care

CompHealth prides itself on finding the perfect jobs for its providers but in addition to finding jobs sometimes our employees find themselves stepping in to help providers in other ways. Read more