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Financial Decisions For Late Career Physicians – White Coat Investor

As physicians approach retirement there are a lot of financial decisions to make. Have you planned well? Are you ready to retire? Can you afford not to work? Dr. Jim Dahle, the White Coat Investor, talks about these and other considerations in a post on whitecoatinvestor.com. Read more

The Freedom of Locum Tenens Assignments

The physicians that work with CompHealth love taking locum tenens assignments. Although the reasons for working locum tenens are varied, they each have one thing in common — they love the freedom taking these assignments affords them. Read more

7 of Our Favorite Stories from 2016

This year has had its ups and downs, but our blog has provided some great content in 2016. From TV doctor quizzes to the adventures of a traveling physician assistant, we are excited about sharing the very best from last year. Here are seven of our favorite stories from 2016. Read more

Adorable Pet Photo Contest Highlights

A big thank you to all that submitted pictures in our pet photo contest! You shared some sentimental, zany moments of your pets. Here are the winners and a Facebook gallery of all the photos submitted. Read more

Locum Tenens Surgeon Saves Limbs and Lives

Locum tenens physicians are often thrust into unfamiliar surroundings, but an experienced doctor is able to help patients regardless of where they are. Dr. Richard Bock is one such physician. Read more

How to Prepare for Your First Locum Tenens Assignment

Locum tenens assignments can be a great way to make extra money or give your work schedule greater flexibility. If you’re thinking about giving it a try here are a few things you should plan for you may not have thought about before. Read more

Full-Time Locums Physician Dr. Johnny Shen Featured on ReachMD

Full-time locums physician Johnny Shen recently was featured on ReachMD. There is an expectation among many doctors finishing residency to seek and sign long term work contracts with hospitals and private practices. But for some, this particular career trajectory can feel limited and even restrictive to achieving work/life balance. Read more

Physicians: Which Medical Themed Song Is The Soundtrack For Your Life?

There are more medical themed songs than you realize and many of them may apply to your life in more ways than you think. Take our quiz to find out which song represents your life. Read more

7 Things Locum Tenens Providers Need to Know about Filing 1099 Tax Forms

The New Year will be here before we know it, and with it comes tax season. Don’t wait until April 15 to get your taxes in order. Now’s the time to brush up on what to expect when filing taxes as a locum tenens provider. Read more

Four Reasons Why Physicians Should Do Volunteer Work

Physician burnout keeps getting worse. And, the major causes of burnout — too much red tape, too much time at work, too much time dealing with electronic health records — aren't going away any time soon. So how are physicians supposed to fight it? Read more