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Reasons to Work Locum Tenens in Montana

Montana is an often forgotten state, but it offers unforgettable opportunities for the outdoors, food, and culture. Locals are happy to welcome you to the state and show you their favorite spots that few people outside of Montana know about. Take a break from the busy city and breathe fresh air with a locum tenens job in Montana. Read more

Travel Occupational Therapist Explores Country, Makes Friends

Anna began traveling as an occupational therapist in 2013, and she hasn’t looked back. She continues to travel because it offers her the opportunity to explore different parts of our beautiful country while making a decent living. Read more

Travel Photo Contest – Post To Win

Share your favorite travel photo here for a chance to win one of three $100 Visa gift cards. The contest will run from July 26 – Aug. 9, so be sure to get your photo posted by then. Read more

From Stage to Stethoscope: Dr. Mandaar Gokhale

Dr. Mandaar Gokhale knows the importance of quality care in the worst of emergencies. When he was a young child, he became well-acquainted with the medical world after he fell through a glass door. Emergency doctors and nurses took care of him initially, and then, because he had nerve damage, he continued to see a variety of doctors. Read more

What to Know about Hiring Millennial Employees

Last year, we hired just under 250 new people. As I met with each of these new employees, I was impressed by their skills and smarts, but I was also surprised by how young they were. Read more

How One Doctor Travels the World, Spends Time with Family and Gives Back to the Community

Dr. Tammy Allen was about to finish her medical school residency, but she didn’t know what she wanted to do next. Her friends were all set with long-term jobs, but that didn’t feel right to Dr. Allen. Instead, she decided to give locum tenens a try. Read more

Six Twitter Resources for Physician Assistants

The role of physician assistants continue to evolve as the healthcare market changes. To help keep on top of all the news and changes, here are six excellent resources for you to follow on Twitter. Read more

Images From CompHealth’s Medical Mission To Haiti

In 2016, CompHealth partnered with the American Academy of Family Physicians to send a group of CompHealth physicians and employees to Haiti on a medical mission. The physicians spent time teaching local doctors and providing medical care while the employees worked with a group providing service to a school and an orphanage. Read more

CompHealth’s Partnership with AAPA Increases Career Flexibility and Options for PAs

To provide PAs with the career options they seek, the AAPA has partnered with CompHealth to give PAs across the country access to tailored opportunities that allow them to practice medicine where, when, and how they want. Read more

After Seven Years, a Physical Therapist Says Goodbye to Traveling  

We love getting thank-you letters from our therapists. After seven years as a traveling physical therapist, Jess has decided to take a permanent job. Here’s what she said to her recruiter about her experience as a traveler. Read more