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6 Stress-Management Techniques that Work

Stress is an unfortunate aspect of our everyday lives, but if not managed carefully, can lead to significant health problems. Incorporating these techniques into your daily life, will help you manage your stress more efficiently. Read more

Living The Locums Life As Husband And Wife

Dr. Wendy Ballenger and her husband Michael Walborn have made locum tenens work for both of their careers. Their first experience with locum tenens was when Dr. Ballenger took a job in New Zealand, while they loved the country and even got married while there, the assignment proved to be something different than advertised and wasn't a good working experience. Read more

Traveling Speech Language Pathologist Learns on the Road

Claire has always been interested in language learning and language development, so it's no surprise she became a speech language pathologist. When she began traveling a couple years ago, she drew upon a special source: her mother. Claire's mom was a traveling nurse in her youth and Claire always hoped to follow in her footsteps. Read more

Reasons to Work Locum Tenens in North Dakota

Home to sprawling fields sprinkled with bison and peaks that pierce the sky, North Dakota is a state not to be overlooked. North Dakota offers a break from city life, historical adventures, and still has the same natural settings that offered peace and relaxation to President Roosevelt. Read more

Cardiology Physician Benefits from Retirement while Still Practicing Medicine

From performing open-heart surgeries in Australia to doing nuclear cardiology research at Duke University, Higginbotham’s career has provided him with a variety of unique experiences and allowed him to help many people along the way. But with decades of practicing medicine under his belt, he was ready to enjoy the benefits of retirement. The only problem was he wasn’t ready to give up practicing medicine. Read more

Travel Provides A Great Career For One Physical Therapist

A phone call changed physical therapist Jess Visintainer's career. As she was approaching the end of her internships and thinking about a permanent job, a conversation with a fellow therapist led her to a split-second decision to becoming a travel PT, something she went on to do for seven years. Read more

Infographic: Physician Workload Survey

According to a new national study from locumstory.com, nearly two-thirds of physicians feel more overworked now compared to when they first started their careers. In contrast, only 13 percent say they are less overworked now than at the beginning of their careers. Read more

Time to Start Planning for Holiday Locum Tenens Coverage

With summer coming to an end and fall quickly approaching, it’s time to start planning for your holiday staffing coverage. Here are a few things to start thinking about to avoid being short-staffed this holiday season. Read more

CompHealth Is On Instagram

CompHealth has well established Twitter and Facebook accounts but decided it was finally time to fully embrace the photo sharing abilities of Instagram. Read more

Locum Tenens after Medical Residency

Dr. Johnny Shen was finishing his residency as a family practice physician, when he realized he didn’t want to jump into a permanent job. He worried that he wouldn’t find the right job, his work/life balance would be practically nonexistent, and he wouldn’t be happy. Read more