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Physician Assistants: Is it Time for Independent Practice?

In a recent discussion with a fellow physician assistant about the PA profession, the topic of independent vs. dependent practice came up. Physicians are seen as independent providers, and PAs are seen as dependent providers. In cardiac surgery (my specialty) I cannot do open heart surgery by myself; I need my surgeon. Upon making that statement, my fellow PA (retired from family practice) said, “Your surgeon cannot operate without you. He’s dependent upon you.” Read more

Benefits of Being a Member of the AAPA

Physician assistants: Are you are a member of the American Academy of Physician Assistants? Wondering what’s in it for you? Here are several membership advantages. Read more

Salary Update: PAs and NPs May Earn More in 2015

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a new rule that will update payment policies and payment rates for services furnished under the Medicare physician fee schedule on or after Jan. 1, 2015. Read more

5 Things to Know About Nurse Practitioners

It’s National Nurse Practitioner Week, which recognizes the more than 192,000 NPs practicing in the United States today. These healthcare professionals can prescribe medicine in all 50 states and provided care to more than 900 million patients in 2012. Here are some important facts about NPs. Read more

PAs Provide Quality Care and Improve Outcomes

As we continue down the path of healthcare reform and new delivery models, quality and value are two ingredients that will be measured and tracked. It is critical that PA performance and quality be measured in an objective fashion as these new models of care are developed nationwide. Read more

5 Benefits of Employing a Physician Assistant

PAs are in greater need than ever before as more Americans gain access to healthcare and the physician shortage increases. Here are five benefits of employing a PA at your facility. Read more

What NPs and PAs Should Look For in a Locum Tenens Agency

Locum tenens assignments are a great way for you to gain experience and earn some extra cash. However, with so many staffing companies clamoring for your attention, you may have questions about which one is right for you. This checklist of questions to ask can help. Read more

ACA Increases Demand for NPs Specializing in Psychiatry

Insurance companies are now required to cover mental health care and substance abuse treatment, thanks to new provisions in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) -- and the demand for nurse practitioners who specialize in psychiatry is greater than ever before. Read more

When a Temporary NP Assignment Turns into a Full-Time Job

A career as a nurse practitioner took Patricia Maybee to the other side of the world — and a locum tenens assignment helped her come back. Here’s how a temporary assignment helped her to find a permanent position, as well as a passion for tribal healthcare. Read more

Visit us at the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Conference in Nashville

The conference is not only a great way to keep up with the latest clinical trends but also to learn about the many nurse practitioner jobs available across the country. Read more