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PAs and NPs – the Team Ingredient for Healthcare Delivery

Physician Assistants (PAs) and Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are skilled medical professionals who play an integral part in healthcare delivery. Especially in primary care, PAs and NPs attract and manage a significant following of patients. Read more

Where to Start? – Why you should add a PA or NP to your Practice

In this uncertain time of health reform physician practices are challenged to transition to value based healthcare, without a clear understanding of exactly how to operationally move away from a traditional fee for service model. Read more

10 Tough Screening Questions You Should Ask Physicians

Asking these 10 questions to physicians will ensure you are recruiting the right physician for your clients. Read more

Making Your Career Blog More Attractive to Job Seekers

Blogging is all the rage these days and companies are using employee stories to show job seekers the benefits of their culture. In today's job market, a career blog is becoming an essential component for companies to promote their brands and entice potential job candidates. Read more

Locum Tenens Onboarding Checklist

To ensure that locum tenens providers are successful and deliver quality care, proper onboarding and direction is essential. Here are several tips for a good orientation. Read more

How to Cultivate a Great Culture at Your Hospital or Facility

Creating a great company culture is not only the best way to improve employee engagement and productivity but it also sets you apart from your competitors and increases your candidate pool. Read more

How to Write an Effective Locum Tenens Job Description

If you're looking for a locum tenens physician to supplement your staff, chances are pretty good that you want that doctor right now. To make the hiring process as quick as possible, a good job description is critical. Read more

How to Bill for Temporary Physician Services

Are you collecting revenue for locum tenens' services at your practice or healthcare facility? If not, it's like you're leaving money on the table. We've created a cheat sheet that graphically summarizes how to bill for these services. Read more

Infographic: Becoming More Productive at Work

We work with physician recruiters across the country — and we know just how busy and hectic your job can be. To better understand what productivity challenges you face each day, we recently surveyed a number of ASPR members. Here’s what we found out, plus a few quick tips for making the most of your day. Read more

10 Ways to Keep Your Staff Engaged At Work

More than 70 percent of U.S. employees are not engaged at work, according to a recent study conducted by Dale Carnegie Training. While this number is sobering, even more shocking is this: Companies with engaged employees outperform unengaged companies by 202 percent! Read more