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Good Relationships Are The Key To Good Job Placements

Locum tenens assignments take physicians to different settings all over the country. Physicians may be in a locums assignment for a few days or a few months. The experience they have while on assignment can vary greatly from physician to physician and facility to facility. Read more

How to Build a Better Relationship with Your Physician Recruiter

When working with a physician recruiter to find a new job, building a strong relationship with him or her is an important part of the process. CompHealth vice president Mike Sievert shares six tips to forging a relationship with your recruiter that will help you succeed in finding your ideal job. Read more

3 Interview Tips to Get your Perfect Job

Increasing capacity of the health system to meet the growing numbers of patients seeking care is critical and necessary. As this demand continues, the number of opportunities for PAs and NPs continues to grow across all settings and specialties. With this growth comes new job opportunities and chances for in-person interviews. Read more

7 of Our Favorite Stories from 2016

This year has had its ups and downs, but our blog has provided some great content in 2016. From TV doctor quizzes to the adventures of a traveling physician assistant, we are excited about sharing the very best from last year. Here are seven of our favorite stories from 2016. Read more

Physicians: Which Medical Themed Song Is The Soundtrack For Your Life?

There are more medical themed songs than you realize and many of them may apply to your life in more ways than you think. Take our quiz to find out which song represents your life. Read more

How to Quit a Job without Burning Bridges

It's a small world — especially in the healthcare industry — and news about former employees travels fast. Knowing the right and wrong way to quit a job is important to maintain your reputation as a professional. Read more

5 Traits Every Physician Recruiter Must Have

Finding the right job opportunity can be difficult to do on your own. Luckily, you don’t have to traverse the job search path alone. A healthcare staffing recruiter can be your personal guide, making your job search easier. Read more

How this Pharmacy Grad Found His Dream Job

Finding a job you like is tough— finding a job you love can seem nearly impossible. Just ask Chris Dobry. Read more

Travel Physical Therapist Shares Her Adventure

The opportunity to pay off student loans is what got Jasmine excited about traveling, but it became much more for her. Traveling as a physical therapist opened her eyes to new things and areas throughout the country. Read more

Travel Occupational Therapist Explores Country, Makes Friends

Anna began traveling as an occupational therapist in 2013, and she hasn’t looked back. She continues to travel because it offers her the opportunity to explore different parts of our beautiful country while making a decent living. Read more