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Negotiating Your First Physician Contract

Negotiating your first physician contract can be a daunting task. You have just finished years of training and are finally ready to move on from residency into full-fledged practice. Read more

Good Relationships Are The Key To Good Job Placements

Locum tenens assignments take physicians to different settings all over the country. Physicians may be in a locums assignment for a few days or a few months. The experience they have while on assignment can vary greatly from physician to physician and facility to facility. Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to Medical Interviews

Learn tips and hints for acing your next healthcare interview in this comprehensive guide to medical interviews. Read more

How to Build a Better Relationship with Your Physician Recruiter

When working with a physician recruiter to find a new job, building a strong relationship with him or her is an important part of the process. CompHealth vice president Mike Sievert shares six tips to forging a relationship with your recruiter that will help you succeed in finding your ideal job. Read more

How to Quit a Job without Burning Bridges

It's a small world — especially in the healthcare industry — and news about former employees travels fast. Knowing the right and wrong way to quit a job is important to maintain your reputation as a professional. Read more

7 Skills Hospitals Are Looking for in a Physician

Medical training predominantly focuses on teaching clinical information and skills with an emphasis on making patients better. However, having good or even great clinical skills is often not enough to make it as a physician. Read more

New Grads: Your Guide to Getting the Right Therapy Job

Getting a job right after graduation can feel overwhelming and you have a lot of decisions to make that will impact your career down the road. The following guide will help you navigate the job search process and find your ideal position. Read more

How to Find an Emergency Medicine Job in California

When Dr. Christopher Vu decided to relocate to a new state — where he had no professional contacts or connections with facilities — he figured he'd need some help navigating the the bumpy road ahead of him. Read more

5 Steps to Updating Your LinkedIn Profile before a Job Interview

In today’s technological age, having some type of online professional profile is essential to landing your next job, and LinkedIn is your best option to build one. Here are five tips to help you create an all-star profile. Read more

Most Popular NP and PA Stories of 2015

Its been a busy year for both Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants. With new rules and salaries increasing, these seven blog posts are a great way to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing fields of NPs and PAs. Read more