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Locum Tenens

Locum tenens physicians play an important role in sustaining patient care and provide a valued staffing option in facilities ranging from major city hospitals to small rural clinics.


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What Is Locum Tenens and What Can It Do for Your Career?

Locums assignments allow you to choose when and where you practice medicine and which job opportunities fit your immediate and long-term needs.

  • Choose a work schedule that fits your lifestyle
  • Treat patients in locations you’ve always wanted to visit
  • Receive malpractice coverage, travel and housing at no cost to you
  • Try multiple practice settings before you decide on a permanent position
  • Expand your skill set and build a more impressive CV

Whether you are a graduating resident/f​ellow, in the middle of your career or a semiretired physician, there is a locums opportunity waiting for you.

Definition of “locum tenens”

From the Latin word meaning "one holding a place," locum tenens is a term used to describe a physician who temporarily takes the place of another physician, for any reason.

In 1979, CompHealth was the first to introduce the innovative idea of locums physician staffing in the U.S. as a way to help doctors practicing in rural areas take much-needed breaks away from their country offices. Since then, locums physicians have become an essential part of a healthy medical system. Locum tenens assignments provide multiple career options for physicians and a cost-saving, staffing solution for healthcare facilities.? 

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Benefits for physicians

Locums assignments allow opportunities and benefits that go beyond the traditional permanent position.

  • Locum tenens physicians experience many settings and facilities, which provides excellent opportunities to expand a career.
  • Physicians who accept locums assignments have expanded networking opportunities and the chance to treat a wide variety of patient cases.
  • Locum tenens assignments offer the chance to have a flexible schedule that allows for activities between assignments that a physician may not otherwise have time for.

As the demand for physicians continues to increase, more and more healthcare facilities are discovering the value of locums staffing as a practical option for maintaining and even improving revenue levels. This opens up a wide variety of opportunities for physicians, including unique situations like the following:

  • Filling in for physicians who serve in the National Guard
  • Working a week or two each year with Indian Health Services in modern, well-run facilities in outlying red-rock locations
  • Taking a break from academic work or grant-based research to serve patients in Veterans Affairs hospitals
  • Enjoying well-paying assignments that allow time in between for humanitarian work

Locum tenens assignments can last from one day to one year, with the average being 10 days. Sixty percent of physicians who work locums accept jobs one to three times a year, while other locum tenens physicians take four to six assignments. With jobs available in facilities across the U.S., doctors have the opportunity to travel cost free to several areas of the country each year.

Economic benefits of working these assignments include:

  • Paid travel and housing
  • Licensing help
  • Comprehensive malpractice insurance
  • Well-paying contracts​

Benefits for healthcare facilities

Locums physicians help facilities fill in staffing gaps on short notice. Healthcare facilities hire locum tenens physicians for many reasons, from temporary physician shortage during seasonal illnesses to covering a permanent doctor’s vacation, family leave or illness.

If patient count increases, locum tenens physicians can be brought in quickly to allow a facility to continue quality patient care while the search for a permanent doctor is made. Hiring a locums physician can even give a facility a great “working-interview” that helps staffers choose a physician for permanent placement.

During flu season and other times of the year that the number of patients increases above the norm, or when catastrophes such as earthquakes or hurricanes strike, locum tenens doctors can help a facility to handle the increased need quickly and efficiently.

Who works locums?

Physicians can work locums assignments at any stage of their career.

  • Graduating residents and fellows: Locum tenens allows recently graduated residents and fellows the chance to try various work settings and locations before choosing a permanent placement.
  • Midcareer physicians who want a change of pace or additional income: Locum tenens offers an opportunity to earn extra income without additional administrative headaches.
  • Mature physicians who are not ready for full-time retirement: These physicians can reduce the amount of time they work while continuing to earn an income and do some traveling, as well.

The CompHealth advantage

When working with CompHealth locum tenens, you will receive the best service and the best opportunities available in the healthcare industry.

  • A dedicated consultant who is an expert in your specialty and represents you and your skills and experience to potential employers
  • Access to our nationwide network of clients and daily-updated job opportunities, many of which are never posted publicly
  • Contract experts who negotiate the best pay and work schedules for your needs
  • The opportunity to work with most experienced locums staffing firm in the U.S.

When you accept an assignment with CompHealth, we take care of everything you need to make the most of your assignment.

  • Paid travel and housing: Our travel and housing department books your air travel, arranges for a rental car or other local transportation and provides you with private, fully furnished housing near your workplace.
  • Licensing services: Our licensing department quickly and efficiently coordinates and covers the costs of most licenses for each state in which you accept a Comphealth assignment.
  • Paid malpractice insurance: You receive comprehensive malpractice insurance coverage that covers you even after your assignment ends.
  • Ongoing management support: You receive dedicated support from your consultant and other staff members throughout your CompHealth locum tenens assignment.
  • Let CompHealth find the perfect locum tenens job for you.