Affordable Care Act

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5 Ways to Fill Your NP and PA Positions Faster

The need for NPs and PAs is so vast that finding one to fill an open position is becoming an exceedingly long and difficult process for facilities. But a lengthy hiring process can leave a facility at a competitive disadvantage, which in turn leaves its patients and bottom line at a loss. Read more

The Future of Medicineā€¦in 100 Words or Less

CompHealth recently surveyed senior executives, practice owners, administrators, and staff to get their opinions on the long-term direction of healthcare. They were asked to share their feelings, but were limited to just 100 words (though some only needed one or two). Read more

3 Critical Things You Should Know about Physician Assistants

Though they practice in every care setting and medical specialty, physician assistants (PA) are often underappreciated and misunderstood. Lisa Shock, a long-time PA and healthcare consultant, helps set the record straight about who physician assistants are. Read more

Doctor Supports Expanding Scope of Practice for Mid-Level Providers

The idea of using nurse practitioners and physician assistants to fill the primary care gap has gained enormous traction. Still there are those who continue to reject it, including doctors, saying it will result in less-qualified care. Read more

The Health Insurance Marketplace Is Open for Business, Despite Difficulties

Three-and-a-half years in the making, the federal Health Insurance Marketplace opened for business earlier this week -- but not without some hiccups. Despite a rough first day, President Obama hailed the opening as a success. Read more

Health Insurance Marketplace – What Good is Medical Coverage Without Doctors?

This October marks a major milestone for healthcare reform. It's open enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace, when millions of uninsured Americans can start shopping for affordable medical coverage. Read more

Infographic – Healthcare and the Ballot Box

Healthcare was one of the most widely addressed subjects in the most recent presidential election. We looked at how the relection will affect Americans and the medical field in general. Click here for the full image.   Read more

Infographic – Facility Mergers and Acquisitions

What are facilities doing about the changes in healthcare reform? Some hospitals and clinics are adapting and shifting with the anticipation of new laws, others are partnering together. Below is a graphic showcasing details around mergers and acquisitions in the healthcare space. Click here for the full image. Read more

Affordable Care Act Upheld – What It Means for Healthcare Staffing

Today marks a monumental event in our history, as the U.S. Supreme Court has announced it upholds the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as constitutional. This decision will have an immediate and long-term impact on all Americans, as well as on healthcare staffing. Read more

Using Twitter to Stay Informed – Healthcare Reform Update

A couple of months ago I highlighted the key elements and milestones of healthcare reform legislation. One of those milestones - happening now - is the Supreme Court's decision on whether or not this series of proposed laws are constitutional... Read more