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Straight Talk about Locum Tenens

We talked with a few physicians to get their views on working locum tenens. To hear their comments, click on the videos below. If you have additional questions, give us a call at 866.615.5536.

Taking the leap to locums.

Why should physicians try locum tenens?
What makes a great locum tenens physician?
How does locums make it easier to transition into retirement?
How do locum tenens physicians benefit the facilities that hire them?
Can locum tenens be a full-time career?
Can locum tenens lead to a permanent position?
What advice would you give new physicians?
How can locum tenens help physicians who are starting a practice?

Benefits gained from locums.

How does locum tenens help prevent burnout?
How does locum tenens impact your work/life balance?
How can locum tenens help you love your job again?
What clinical skills can you learn by working locums assignments?
How has locum tenens improved time with your family?
Can you take your family on locum tenens assignments?
Are locum tenens jobs available in different practice settings?
How do part-time assignments impact your full-time job?

Answering concerns about locum tenens.

Is locum tenens work less stable than a full-time job?
Are you able to make meaningful connections with patients during assignments?
How do facilities treat locum tenens?
Is it intimidating to try locum tenens right out of residency?
How does your recruiter help you prepare for an assignment?
What do you do on assignment when you're not working?
Is it intimidating to start a new assignment?

Dealing with the logistics.

How do you decide which assignments to take?
What are the benefits of having multiple state licenses?
Is it tough to arrange travel for locums assignments?
How do you manage your taxes as an independent contractor?
What types of housing accommodations are available to locum tenens?
How does CompHealth help with the physician credentialing process?
How does your recruiter find the right housing for you?

A few extra tips.

What do you look for when choosing a staffing agency?
What should residents or fellows know about locum tenens?
How does working locum tenens allow you to give back to the community?
How would you describe your relationship with your recruiter?
What do you like about working with your recruiter?
Why do you choose to work with CompHealth?
Who helps coordinate your locum tenens assignments?
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