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How to Cultivate a Great Culture at Your Hospital or Facility

Creating a great company culture is not only the best way to improve employee engagement and productivity but it also sets you apart from your competitors and increases your candidate pool. Read more

How to Write an Effective Locum Tenens Job Description

If you're looking for a locum tenens physician to supplement your staff, chances are pretty good that you want that doctor right now. To make the hiring process as quick as possible, a good job description is critical. Read more

5 Ways to Fill Your NP and PA Positions Faster

The need for NPs and PAs is so vast that finding one to fill an open position is becoming an exceedingly long and difficult process for facilities. But a lengthy hiring process can leave a facility at a competitive disadvantage, which in turn leaves its patients and bottom line at a loss. Read more

INFOGRAPHIC: The True Cost of Employee Turnover

Employee turnover costs can run as high as 150 percent of a team member’s annual salary. Fortunately, there are a few ways to slow employee turnover and keep your staff engaged at work. Check out this infographic for details. Read more

Tips for Successfully Offboarding a Locum Tenens Provider

Locums are great at filling in during a transitional period, generating additional revenue for your facility, and helping out during busy times. But by their very nature, locum tenens will only be with you for a limited time. Here are tips for a successful exit interview. Read more

CompHealth Named One of the “Best Places to Work in Healthcare”

We're pretty excited to be included on Modern Healthcare's 2014 list of Best Places to Work in Healthcare. Each year, Modern Healthcare recognizes companies in the healthcare industry that empower their employees to provide patients and customers with the best possible care, products and services. Read more

How to Find a Physician that Fits Your Hospital’s Culture [VIDEO]

Not only does CompHealth look at a physician's CV, background, and skills, but we also get to know each doctor on a very personal level. By matching skills, strengths, and personalities, we can find the best match. Read more

How a Part-Time Doctor turned into a Full-Time Success at a Rural Cardiology Practice

Recruiters can go on about how great their providers are and how exceptional their service is. But wouldn't it be nice to hear a real story about what locum tenens providers have done to improve the practices where they work? Read more

Physician Recruiters: Saving Time and Effort [VIDEO]

In this video, two physician recruiters discuss some of their daily struggles, like coordinating assignments or finding a doctor at the last minute, and how they work with CompHealth to find solutions. Read more

Making Life Easier for the Locum Tenens at Your Facility

Using locum tenens is a great way for facilities to fill a temporary staffing need -- but physicians can be a bit picky when choosing assignments. We asked some of our experienced doctors what facilities could do to create a more locum-friendly environment. Read more