Hiring and Retention

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The benefits of hiring a physician later in their career

Putting off retirement may be a good choice for physicians but it is a great choice for healthcare facilities. Hiring a locum tenens physician that is later in their career brings a lot of benefits. Read more

Help solve physician burnout with listening

Physician burnout is an often talked about topic, but what can really be done to solve it? The AMA defines burnout as: “A long-term stress reaction characterized by depersonalization, including cynical or negative attitudes towards patients, emotional exhaustion, a feeling of decreased personal achievement and a lack of empathy for patients.” Read more

How job descriptions impact the success of a locum tenens assignment

The information you provide in your job description is the first step in setting a physician’s expectations and is a critical part of making a locum tenens assignment a success. Read more

Preparing Your 2017 Healthcare Staffing Plan

The rate of physician turnover is extremely high, with many observers predicting it to increase even more. Add to that the diverse impacts of the physician shortage, and you’ve got a challenging landscape that will require careful planning to navigate. Read more

6 Ways to Set Up New Hires for Success at Your Facility

Whether you’ve hired a temporary or permanent physician for your facility, a comprehensive onboarding process is essential to not only the success of that provider, but also the continued quality of care for your patients. Read more

Time to Start Planning for Holiday Locum Tenens Coverage

With summer coming to an end and fall quickly approaching, it’s time to start planning for your holiday staffing coverage. Here are a few things to start thinking about to avoid being short-staffed this holiday season. Read more

What to Know about Hiring Millennial Employees

Last year, we hired just under 250 new people. As I met with each of these new employees, I was impressed by their skills and smarts, but I was also surprised by how young they were. Read more

The Difference between Satisfiers and Motivators for Job Seekers

With the physician shortage, understanding how to entice job seekers to your facility along with implementing effective retention programs is more important than ever. But before you can address either, you need to know the difference between what makes employees’ jobs merely satisfying and what will actually motivate them to stay for the long haul. Read more

Physician Recruiters: How to Use LinkedIn to Attract Job Seekers

As the physician shortage continues to increase, finding qualified candidates for your facility is more important than ever. LinkedIn is a great resource for connecting with potential job candidates but it requires a bit of finessing. Try these steps to make the process easier. Read more

Making the Credentialing Process Easier for Physicians

Credentialing serves as part of the onboarding process by helping physicians feel a facility has not only the interests of the patients in mind, but also the interests of the physician. Read more