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CompHealth Trusted Partner Published on

May 17
CompHealth Trusted Partner Published on

Industry expert, Lisa Shock, MHS, PA-C CompHealth consultant advises doctors on hiring physician assistants

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (May 11, 2011) –Hiring physician assistants (PAs) can improve efficiency and patient access to quality care, Lisa Shock, MHS, PA-C, tells doctors in a recent edition of Her byline article, “Things Doctors Should Know About Hiring a Physician Assistant,” discusses how PAs are a solution to the current physician shortage, and addresses myths and facts about them.

“While there are many physicians who take advantage of the help PAs can provide, there are still a large number of healthcare facilities who don’t realize PAs are a viable option,” says Ms. Shock.

The article first appeared on HealthNewsDigest May 4. The publication features a mix of current and breaking news for healthcare professionals and consumers, and reaches an online audience of over 17,000 per month.

As an experienced PA and practice owner, Ms. Shock serves as a consultant to CompHealth, partnering with us to produce webinars and other resources aimed at educating the healthcare industry on the use of midlevels, including PAs and nurse practitioners (NPs). On May18, Ms. Shock will join Dr. Therus Kolff, MD, MPH, the founder of the locum tenens industry and CompHealth, to lead a webinar exploring the impact of healthcare reform and how to prepare for it.

About CompHealth

Founded in 1979, CompHealth is the nation’s leading provider of temporary and permanent physician staffing, as well as a leading provider of temporary and permanent allied health staffing. CompHealth prides itself on having the best people to help provide the best healthcare and is also a proud member of the CHG Healthcare Services family of companies, currently ranked No. 27 on FORTUNE magazine’s list of “100 Best Companies to Work For.” To learn more about this award-winning company and its service offerings, visit, follow us on Twitter: @comphealth, or “like us” on Facebook.

About Lisa Shock

Lisa Shock, MHS, PA-C, is a Duke University Physician Assistant graduate and has greater than 10 years of clinical experience in a variety of healthcare settings. In addition to previously owning and running a rural primary care clinic, she is the current president and CEO of Utilization Solutions in Healthcare, a company she created in response to the many questions she has received over the years about Physician Assistant utilization. Lisa is past president of the North Carolina Academy of Physician Assistants. She also contributed to the Physician Assistant profession by being invited to serve on the PA Advisory Council of the North Carolina Medical Board.

About Dr. Therus Kolff

Dr. Therus C. Kolff, MD, MPH, is an experienced chief executive, board member and mentor with demonstrated capabilities in creating successful companies, increasing shareholder value across 30 years and 14 companies. Following his medical training, Dr. Kolff worked with the University of Utah School of Medicine and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to address issues regarding the delivery of medical care in rural area of the western United States, including Yellowstone National Park. After receiving an MPH in Health Policy and Management from Harvard, Dr. Kolff founded in 1979 the first locum tenens company, CompHealth, continuing as CEO until 1994. Overcoming tremendous market and institutional resistance by believing that patients come first; quality physicians can be recruited; and, client needs must be met, Dr. Kolff empowered the employees of CompHealth to build a company that by January 1994 was generating $100 million in revenue and contracting with 3,900 physicians in all specialties, practicing in all states and overseas. Relentlessly focused on credentialing standards and protocols, building infrastructure and creating a culture of accountability for the quality of the physicians placed, Dr. Kolff and CompHealth established an industry. Today, he focuses on unique solutions in healthcare; he enjoys confronting problems, pushing teams to perform better, and making tough decisions while creating optimistic organizations.


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