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Physical Therapists highly ranked in best jobs list

US News & World Report released a list of “best jobs”, ranking Physical Therapist as #4 in healthcare jobs and #8 overall.  Quite a recognition for a career we know and love here at CompHealth.

Today – more than ever – Physical Therapists are enjoying the benefits of a wonderful career choice.  In fact, those therapists that have chosen to take their careers down a “traveling path” have found additional satisfaction.  As a traveling PT, therapists not only enjoy working within the healthcare arena, they also have the opportunity to experience multiple settings (outpatient, acute care, inpatient, pediatrics, geriatrics…and many others) as well as any geography in the United States. 

“Travelers” (as they are referred to in the industry) are employed by an agency and will be engaged in several, long term assignments each year.  For one portion of the year, they may be in Florida at a clinic as they attempt to stay warm in the winter months.   Another portion of the year, they may take an assignment in Alaska at a local hospital where they can experience the wonder and beauty of North America.  If the traveler is adventurous, they may choose to take an assignment in Oregon to rock climb, Hawaii to find “the perfect wave,” or Colorado to enjoy the slopes.  Wherever they may choose and whatever setting the experience, rest assured, it will be a fulfilling experience.

Travelers at CompHealth (one of the nation’s largest Allied healthcare staffing providers) enjoy all the benefits of a traditional therapist like health, dental and vision insurance, 401k, life insurance, and even pet insurance.  From a growth perspective, most travelers see their experience in travel therapy as a wonderful way to gain skills and knowledge they would not otherwise be exposed to.  In fact, one therapist recently put it like this: “Working as a traveling therapist is like winning the professional lottery…what an awesome experience.”

If you haven’t looked into travel therapy, maybe now is the time.  Check out Physical Therapy listings on our job board.

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Julie Ptak

Director, Rehab Therapy, CompHealth Allied Staffing

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