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CompHealth VP speaks on Allied Staffing Trends

This is a guest blog post from Tyler Black, Vice President, CompHealth Medical Staffing​

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Healthcare Traveler magazine and asked to do an interview focused on the Advanced Practice market.  As passionate as my team and I are about this market, I was very happy to accept.

This article was not only featured in the magazine, but was the cover story.  I think it is extremely flattering that CompHealth was chosen as the market expert to share opinions and insight in regards to this group of healthcare providers and the opportunities and issues they face as travelers.  The most exciting part  of the article was the publication let us talk about the importance of working with a reputable firm and how that will impact the experience of the providers.  We know we’re the biggest and the best in the market; what a great opportunity to share that with the folks that read this publication.

Click here to check out the full article.


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