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What’s a “Kaizen?” (And How Can it Make Your Physician Recruiting Process More Efficient?)

Kaizen is Japanese for “improvement” or “change for the best.” In the business world, the term represents a process for improving efficiency and reducing waste.

Making Life Easier for the Locum Tenens at Your Facility

​Using locum tenens is a great way for facilities to fill a temporary staffing need. But with so many locums jobs available across the country, physicians have the luxury of being a bit picky when it comes to where they choose to work. We asked some of our experienced doctors what facilities could do to create a more locum-friendly environment.

​​​How to Earn Money for Your Medical Practice While You’re Out of the Office

If you have your own practice, you have two jobs: practicing medicine and running a business. And if there’s one thing that all small business owners know, it’s that you don’t get paid when you’re not working. Bringing in a temporary physician while you’re out of the office is a great way to meet your patients’ needs—and to bring revenue into your practice.

Three Tips for Recruiting Physicians to Small Medical Practices

It can be tough for small medical practices to find doctors. Here are a few ways to improve your recruiting efforts.

Hiring tips for physician practice owners

​I’ve started blogging for the practice management resource, Physicians Practice. My first post addresses major considerations for practice owners thinking about bringing on a new colleague...

Survey shows growing desire to quit practicing medicine

An alarming statistic was recently reported in an article published by HealthLeaders Media. A nationwide survey of 13,000 physicians reveals that the majority (6 out of 10!) would quit practicing medicine if they could...

Survey says?

Earlier this year we surveyed 1,000 physicians nationwide to gauge their awareness and perception of locum tenens. We were pleased to learn that nearly all physicians are familiar with locum tenens and have had positive experiences either working with a locums physician or working as a locums physician...

Majority of physicians need more sleep

Are doctors getting enough sleep? With a demanding schedule and the always-on nature of call shifts, providing a high level of patient care and finding time for proper rest and relaxation is a big challenge. A survey from CompHealth found that a majority of physicians aren’t getting enough sleep, and are concerned that this can impact patient care...

Affordable Care Act upheld - What it means for healthcare staffing

Today marks a monumental event in our history, as the U.S. Supreme Court has announced it upholds the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act as constitutional. This decision will have an immediate and long-term impact on all Americans, as well as on healthcare staffing.

Working locum tenens has an upside for residents

As medical residents and fellows complete their schooling this month, they’re carrying the pressure of transitioning from training to practice. Faced with job offers, new physicians will need to understand what practice type is right for them, as making the wrong career choice could be a costly mistake...